Tyme (천천히해) Folding Dresser Set w/ Stool

Tyme (천천히해) Folding Dresser Set w/ Stool

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Why we love it?

- Inclined edge point design with exquisite details and chiseled look
- Equipped with the handle which has cutting edge design and emphasizing the integration and convenience
- Double layered legs finished with powder coated, designed to support the weight perfectly
- Solid Mindi Wood structure, which is naturally resistant to decay and fungi, with straight-grain and nearly knot-free texture


TYME002 + TYME005
Product Name: Tyme Folding Dresser Set w/ Stool
Brand: Tyme (Take your time: 천천히해)
Materials: Mindi wood panels, recomposed veneer, engineered wood, powder coated steel legs and handles

Dresser 900 x 400 x 740mm

Stool 400 x 280 x 424mm

Warranty: Item comes with manufacturer defect warranty
What's in the box:

1x Tyme Folding Dresser

1x Tyme Stool

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Packaging Size:

0.222m³ (2 cartons)