Styler Dressing Organization - Macaron (마카롱)  Family

Styler Dressing Organization - Macaron (마카롱) Family

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Why we love it?

- Top official decor accessory sponsor in Korean TV Dramas
- Based on Denmark design, Macaron Family is a unique and innovative piece of storage furniture designed with strongly representative identity
- The harmony of rounded corners and leg shapes shows off the Scandinavian style design well
- Being surrounded by ''Smiling'' furniture would promote an atmosphere of joy and intensify people's feelings of happiness
- Design concept is neat simplicity including the understated lines and the sleek match of trendy colors
- It is a mix of advanced modern trend and designs on the basis of Scandinavian furniture style
- All units in the Macaron Family have their own names and unique functions
- Having accumulated worldwide sales of more than 10 million units


Product Name: Styler Dressing Organization
Brand: Macaron (마카롱)  Family
Materials: Superior Veneer, Mahogany Wood, MDF & Urethane Coating (Eco-friendly Paint)
Dimension(s): 300 x 245 x 215mm
Warranty: Item comes with manufacturer defect warranty
What's in the box: Macaron Styler Dressing Organization
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