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Slumberland FIR Brittany Mattress

Slumberland FIR Brittany Mattress

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Why we love it?

- Feeling tired, sore, sluggish and not having a good night' sleep? Now you can get energy boost and revitalize your body with the newest Far Infrared Ray (FIR) mattress from Slumberland
- The fabric of the mattress is treated with Germanium, a non-toxic element, to emit Far Infrared Ray (FIR)
- 6 benefits of FIR: Improves blood circulation, promotes quality sleep, relieves fatigue & tiredness, helps eliminate harmful positive ions, relieves stiff joints & muscle aches, speeds up body's general metabolism
- 1200 Pocketed Posture Springing
- Non-Flip


Slumberland FIR
Product Name: Brittany Mattress
Brand: Slumberland
Features: Far Infrared Ray (FIR), 1200 Pocketed Posture Springing, Non-Flip

Queen 1520 x 1900 x 305mm

King 1820 x1900 x 305mm

Warranty: 15 Years Slumberland Malaysia Warranty
What's included:

1x Slumberland FIR Brittany Mattress

2x Anti-dust Mite Pillow (Queen & King)

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